I Spend Less on My Product Marketing


As a small business owner, I must continuously think of better ways to get my products in front of as many people as possible. I must achieve all this without breaking the bank. Over time, I have experimented with numerous promotional methods- some have worked and others haven’t. One of the tools that I have consistently relied upon is technology. I love the manner in which technology has been growing, but most importantly, I love the significant benefits my business has reaped from it.

The fact that I can create and manage my business website and even engage with clients on different social media platforms means a whole lot to me. Besides operating physical stores, I now have the opportunity to sell my products in an online shop. In spite of the stiff competition in the industry, attracting customers has become extremely easy – you just have to identify unique ways of appealing to them. Just recently, I discovered just how useful YouTube ads have become in marketing.

I regularly create YouTube ads in Malaysia, and I must say that I am not stopping anytime soon. It can be a very cost effective technique of growing the client base, particularly when utilized as a fundamental part of the marketing strategy. YouTube is the second largest search engine as well as the third most visited website across the globe. Out of the one billion people who visit YouTube every month in the world, I get a share of my new clients who I work very hard to retain.

The use of YouTube has made it possible for my products to sell in other parts of the world apart from Malaysia. For instance, I have customers in the United States, UK and even in some African countries. I have learned to create videos that have a personal touch in order to increase conversions. Through these videos, my clients have learned to trust me and thus buy more of my products. This is mainly because; my employees and I have successfully managed to relate to them on an emotional level. I am so happy that I can achieve all this without raising company expenditure.

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